Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Google Wave Now Open to All

You may or may not have heard of Google Wave.  It was released in beta form several months ago and you needed an invitation in order to create an account to try it out.  Many I know in the ed tech world clamored to get an invitation and began trying it out with others.  I tried it a few times and never really saw much use for it.  I gave it another try during the 2010 MACUL Retreat and have decided to give it another look.  Today, Google announced that Google Wave is now openly available to everyone as part of Google Labs. You no longer need an invitation to wave -- simply visit and sign in. 

There are new extensions (meeting planner, brainstorming tool, and image editor, to name a few), and Google claims that the bugs have been worked out.  Will the Wave take off like most other Google tools have?