Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Add Voice Narration to Google Slides Presentations with Screencastify!

A feature that is greatly missed by teachers since we have moved to online tools and resources instead of installed software is the ability for students to create video for projects; to blend images and sounds to convey a message. One solution that can fit the bill is to combine the features of Google Slides with Screencastify, a Chrome extension used for recording anything that you see on the screen of a laptop or Chromebook. 

Simply put, students begin by planning their project, and then collaboratively build their presentation with Google Slides. Next, they write a script (what they plan to say when each slide is being shown). After practicing their delivery, paying close attention to their speech (rate, volume, enunciation, expression), they use the Screencastify extension to record themselves narrating as they click through their presentation in full screen/presentation view. 

It seems complicated at first, but it is easy to do. Here are step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing the Screencastify extension, changing a few settings, and using keyboard shortcuts to start and stop the screen recording process. Have fun!